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Thia is an amzing wedding gown designed by Euginia which can become the inspiration in making a bridal gowns. The complete description on who Eugenia is can be seen below

wedding bridal dresses

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Eugenia is a serious couturier with a powerful vision for designs that are dreamlike and elegant. With infinite passion and creativity, Eugenia designs with the bride in mind, taking inspiration from a wide range of sources such as the subtle changes of the seasons, the glamorous starlets from the 30's and 40's, the world-renowned masters of Haute Couture, the lost art of classic tailoring, and very often, the brides themselves.

Before coming to the United States to pursue bridal design, Eugenia began her career, more than 29 years ago, working with Haute Couture designers in her native Greece. After years of creating unique custom gowns for her American clients and due to the unprecedented demand for her work, Eugenia decided to create her own line of bridal gowns.

Eugenia gowns are often described as "exciting and different", "unique and elegant", "dramatic and romantic", "chic and sophisticated", "pieces of art". It is this last remark that most interests Eugenia. Utilizing exquisite details, delicate hand-crafted precision, and the finest silks, Eugenia strives to make each and every gown a masterful work of art.

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Rhinestone & Crystal Wedding Veil

Rhinestone & Crystal Wedding Veil

This wedding veil is so stunning and sparkling with its scattered rhinestones, crystals and beading. The beading design is approximately 2 inches wide and borders the entire veil. Wedding veil has a thin pencil edging. The elbow anvd fingertip length veils are 2-tiered and comes a plain comb.


Bridal Gowns Bridesmaid Dresses By Justin Alexander

bridal dresses mother of the bride
One of the wedding dress collection designs Justin Alexander. This is the design of clothing in the formal wedding reception. Elegant beaded buttons on the back of the chapel leads to a dramatic bubble train. Available Colors: Ivory / Silver, White / silver and Sizes: 4-32 USA / UK 6-34

Wedding Dresses Brides J Alexander

Wedding Dresses Brides or  bridal evening dresses
Wedding dress design Justin Alexander. a famous American fashion designer, this is the design of clothing in the formal wedding reception. silver with a luxury size:USA 4-32 / UK 6-34

Hot Designer Wedding Dresses and Gowns 2009

Hot Designer Wedding Dresses
Bridal gown and custom bridal dresses from wedding dress store. Choosing your dream gown is an experience to treasure at Priscilla of Boston.

The Wedding Gown of Celebrity


Spring Wedding Dresses Collection 2009

Spring Wedding Dresses Collection 2009Designer Bridal Gown:Spring Wedding Dresses Collection 2009

Wedding Dress-Bridal Gown

Wedding Dress-Bridal Gown

This is an awsome wedding bridal gown that can become your inspiration in designing a wedding gown.


Great Hairstyle in Wedding

It is important that when deciding on what type of hairstyle you want to have for your special day you take into consideration your body type. Choosing a great hairstyle for your wedding can be one of the most important things that you do. In some cases wearing your hair up will complement your neck line and make your over all look appear elegant. The first thing you want to do is start by looking through the many hairstyle magazines that are available to you. This will help you to narrow down the style that you want to have for your special wedding day.
Once you have decided on about three or four different hairstyles that can be a possibility for you then you want to visit your hairstylist at this point. It is also important for you to take in consideration the type address that you will be wearing because this can also affect how you should wear your hair. You need to sit down with them and show them what you have decided and narrow down your search for your perfect wedding day style. You may want to consider wearing your hair up so that people can see the beautiful design if you’re wedding dress has a lot of embellishments.
One of the most important things about your wedding day hairstyle is to narrow down your search to three or four designs. Before you make a final decision you need to speak with your hairstylist to get their opinion on which decision looks best on you. If you should wear your hair up or down, Make sure you also take into consideration the type of dress that you will be wearing so you know.

Variety Option for Bridal Hairstyle

There are a variety of options you can use for bridal hairstyles for your wedding.
1. Upsweep: One of the most common ways to style your wedding hair is to choose an upsweep of hair. This is a very elegant style in its simplicity and grace, and can be accented with either delicate or demonstrative hair combs.
2. Down: Though often overlooked as a style, wearing your short to long hair down can prove quite elegant, despite the informality usually attached to it. There are a variety of things a woman can do with her hair if left down-curled, waved, or left straight.
3. Half up: Half up is another popular choice for brides to be, as it shows off the face, while leaving some hair down for femininity. Your hair can be swept from both sides evenly and secured with a barrette or other decorative bauble, or affixed on the side of your head.
4. Braided: Whether you choose one simple braid, a French braid, or still smaller braids entwined in your hair-all of them are elegant choices for a wedding day hairstyle.
5. Bun: Though seemingly simple, a bun at the nape of your neck or back of your head can add a beautiful and sophisticated elegance to any type of gown and jewelry you choose, and makes for an easy to maintain wedding hairstyle.
6. French Twist: A fresh twist is a bit dressier than a bun and less simple, but still demonstrates a simple classic hairstyle for any wedding day.
7. Curled: Perhaps you would like to add curls to your hair or define the ones you already have. Whichever you choose, soft wavy curls can add a romantic look to any wedding gown and bride.
8. Straight: If you are looking for a sleeker look-and you have curly hair, you should try the sophisticated elegance of straightening your hair.
9. Ringlets: A very popular choice for many brides-whether they opt to wear their hair up or down, if they have short or long hair is to have ringlets put in. As long as the ringlets are soft and not tight, the look is very romantic and old fashioned.
10. Beading: Once you have decided upon the style for your wedding day hair, you may want to consider beading to intersperse and accent it.
11. Ribbons/headbands: Another option for both formal and more informal looks are weaving and tying ribbons and headbands into your hair for a subtle accent.
12. Flowers: Many brides choose to accent their upsweeps and half up hairstyles with both real and faux flowers. The flowers add a romantic and earthy accent to any wedding gown, and are suited best to outdoor weddings that are less formal.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Aspects of the day is your gown, jewelry if you are a new bride to be and planning your wedding, one of the most important, and what you are going to do with your hair. It seems as though the lucky brides with long hair have endless possibilities to style their hair, but those with short hair may feel as though they are limited to the kinds of styles that they can wear.
There are ways that brides with short hair can still get the look that they want. Wedding hairstyles for short hair do not have to be limited to one or two styles. There can be a lot of unique and elegant ways to wear short hair on your wedding day. Once you pick out your wedding dress, and decide what type of veil and accessories that you are going to wear, you can begin the process of choosing your hairstyle.
One of the best places to get started finding the style for you, is by looking through wedding magazines, hairstyle magazines and online for resources on finding the best styles. Once you have an idea of the wedding hairstyle for short hair that you are interested in, you can begin to do consultations with hair stylists who can try out different styles with you and find the one that works the best. No matter what kind of style you decide to go with, it is important that you have a practice style first, to make sure that it is going to work for you. Some hairstyles are not possible for everyone, and depending on the length, style and texture of your hair, there may be certain styles that are better than others.
Another option for wedding hairstyles for short hair is to put in hair extensions. When these are put in your hair professionally, they can be colored to match the exact color of your own hair. They can be a fun way to dress up your hair, and have a unique style the day of your wedding. Hair extensions come in a variety of styles and lengths. They can be put in to wear your hair down, or they can be styled up along with your own hair in a sweeping and elegant.

Nice Hairstyle in Your Wedding

On your wedding day one of the most important things to a perfect wedding is your hairstyle. If you have medium length hair then there are many choice for you. You want to pick a hairstyle that matches the wedding and how formal it is. If you have an informal backyard wedding then an up do may be too much.
First you want to decide on the wedding and if it is going to be formal or more casual. Another thing you need to consider when choosing a hairstyle is the weather conditions. If your hair gets frizzy in hot weather then make sure you do not wear your hair with large loose curls because it will not stay that way for the wedding. This would be a good time to wear it up.
Hair length is another consideration but when you have medium length hair it makes it easier to do just about any style for your wedding. The most popular style for medium hair is the half up look. You can find many variations to this style so choose the one that fits you the best.
Remember there are many hairstyles to choose from so make sure you check out all the latest trends. You want to choose a style that fits your particular style.

Comfortable Wedding Hairstyle

Have your regular hairdresser practice on you a few times does no harm. you may decide that the particular Wedding Hairstyle you have dreamt about having since you were a small child actually does nothing for the shape of your face by doing this.
Remember that your hairdresser can do the impossible but miracles are out with their reach if you want a wedding up do and you have relatively short hair then although with many grips and much hairspray it is possible.
Try to get a rough idea of what sort of style you are looking at for your wedding hairstyle as far in advance as possible. This gives your hair a chance to grow to a length that is more manageable for your hairdresser. After all long hair can easily be cut but it is harder and more expensive to add to your hair.
Always remember it is you that is getting married and not some fairytale image of you that you have held in your imagination since you were six. You don’t want to walk down the aisle to your beloved and have him not recognize you because you wedding hairstyle is so different.
Don’t try to go for something very different. Chances are you will get fed up with it. It probably isn't right if an up do requires a lot of help to stay up then as a wedding hairstyle. Your wedding hairstyle has to stay in place for up to 10 hours, a lot to ask of any hairstyle but particularly difficult when a veil is shoved in.
Go for elegance and comfort. If you can manage a wedding hairstyle that looks just as good down as up then you grab it with hands, a comb and some grips!!

Picking the Right Hairstyle

Length of your hair

The style that you pick will depend on the length of your hair.Start by separating your hair into 3 low ponytails. Then pin down each of the ponytails into a bun, they should all look like they blend in together. Add some elegant barrettes and your set. Always use extra hairspray to arrange the loose ends.

The Curlier the Better

A traditional hairstyle is to get them to wear their hair curly especially if your hair will be straight. Personally you should go with a French twist, it's nice and elegant and the style looks great on film.

Stay away from half pony tails or random conges. Get advice from other hairstylists in your area and make an appointment ahead of time. Also you may want to get your hair down as early as possible in case you don't like the style you have time to change it.


A Menu Card Gives Guests Idea

A menu card should give guests an idea of what to expect as the meal proceeds. It also helps to let the guests know how many courses to expect (as in, a five course dinner - better not fill up on the early courses, or you won't have room left for cake!). Keep the language fairly simple; if your entire menu is in French, it might look pretty, but it won't do your guests much good if they cannot read it.
The design of your menu cards should complement the rest of your wedding. Your menu cards should also be incredibly glamorous if you are having a very fancy evening wedding with the bride in a cathedral length veil and dazzling crystal bridal jewelry. A very stylish look would be to have crystal embellished menu card stands to echo the elegance of the bridal gown and jewelry.
A beautiful picture frame can be chosen that fits in with the rest of the wedding design, anything from classic silver to be achy rattan would be great. The frame can then double as the wedding favors. A really fun idea would be to have a photographer on hand who can take and print photos that the guests can put into the frames as a memento from your wedding.
A heavy ivory card stock with a gold border would be ideal for a formal wedding when engraved in black ink. For a spring afternoon wedding, choose a more lighthearted stationary in a pastel color with an organza bow on the top. If your wedding will take place by the ocean, anchor each menu card with a seashell. There are infinite variations to fit with any wedding theme.
Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding, and they can also be used with your menu cards. Rather than setting the napkins to the left of the plates, they can be placed directly onto the plates with a fold in the bottom third. The menu card gets slipped into the fold, and a single flower is set on top of the card to make it even lovelier. This is a simple idea that always looks wonderful.

Wedding Gift Card Ideas

Airline and Hotel gift cards make great wedding presents. Below are five airline and hotel wedding gift card ideas that will make you stand out long after the toasters and blenders offered by others have been tossed.

American Airlines: American Airlines gift cards can be purchased at the company's website or by calling 1-800-677-9555. They are also available at many supermarkets and drug stores. American Airlines gift cards can be redeemed for flights on American Airlines to over 250 cities in 40 countries.

US Airways: US Airways gift cards can be purchased at the company's website or by calling 800-428-4322. They are also available at many supermarkets and drug stores. US Airways gift cards can be redeemed for travel to over 230 domestic and international destinations.

Marriott Hotels: Marriott gift cards can be purchased online or at many supermarkets and drug stores. They can also be purchased over the phone by calling 1-800-813-4438. Marriott gift cards can be redeemed at more than 2,900 hotels in the United States and 67 countries, including leading brands like Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Renaissance Hotels, and The Ritz-Carlton.

Bed and Breakfast: gift cards can be purchased online and are redeemable at nearly 4,000 bed and breakfasts. In addition, unlike other hotel gift cards, you can use the gift card to make reservations online at

Best Western: Best Western gift cards can be purchased online, at popular supermarkets and drug stores, or by calling 1-877-227-3288. They can be purchased in various currencies or units and can be redeemed at participating Best Western Hotels worldwide.


Bridal Shower Invitations Wording Ideas

The sayings for these pieces of stationery will set the tone for the event and give guests a good idea as to what to expect. The most important pieces of stationery that are sent out need the best verses and this means paying particular attention to bridal shower invitations wording, wedding announcements sayings, wedding shower invitations verses and marriage announcements wedding. Bridal invitations wordings can be kept very fun and light, especially if the event is going to be a casual affair, such as a lingerie bridal shower.

Events such as shower parties also require thank you cards. Thank you card wording should also keep within the theme of the event. With formal invitations and perhaps catering, the bridal thank you card wording should reflect that if the shower was formal. The bride can generally write whatever she wishes on the inside of the card but the thank you card wording that's printed on the front of the card. For something more casual such as a lingerie shower, the card wording could say, "Thanks for coming to my shower; I'm thrilled that you were there! To start my marriage off right, thanks for the underwear!"

Wedding announcements, elopement announcements and engagement announcements sayings will all be fairly alike. These cards are simply to tell people that you have wed, or that you will be wed. Elopement verses can be much like weddings and does not necessarily need to include the fact that you have eloped.

Rehearsal dinner invitation can be a little bit tricky as many of the guests may not be sure what to expect from the rehearsal dinner. For a formal ceremony, the rehearsal dinner usually means rehearsing the ceremony, with dinner to follow. This rehearsal dinner invitation wording could say, "We request your presence at the rehearsal dinner on June 29th, to rehearse the ceremony with a delicious meal to follow." For a casual wedding there may be no actual rehearsal required so this rehearsal dinner invitation could say, "Let's sit down to eat together before the stress of the big day!"


Easy Send Greeting Cards

It is the day that they are going to get married if there is one day that women look forward to in their lives. You should make sure that you take part in it in the best way possible if you happen to be fortunate enough to be invited to take part in this special event. Showing the bride and groom that you really care about them may mean that you need to step outside of your comfort zone to a certain extent. There is a fairly easy way for you to be able to do this.

It is a long-standing tradition for letting listeners to send greeting cards to the bride and groom. There are several different ways that you can find these cards, most of them being fairly common. For example, most people tend to pick up these wedding cards whenever they just happen to be at the greeting card store or even whenever they are at the grocery or drugstore.

Invariably, there is going to be a duplicate wedding card that is given to the bride and groom during their wedding. This is because most people just tend to shop for wedding cards in their local area and do not step outside of their comfort zone.

Regardless of whether you pick up the wedding card in your local area or if you have a custom one made on the Internet, you should pay special attention to what it says on the inside. Wedding cards are something that many brides and grooms tend to look at throughout their marriage from time to time. Giving them something that will put a smile on their face every time they read it is always a good idea.


Easy Send Greeting Cards

It is the day that they are going to get married if there is one day that women look forward to in their lives. You should make sure that you take part in it in the best way possible if you happen to be fortunate enough to be invited to take part in this special event. Showing the bride and groom that you really care about them may mean that you need to step outside of your comfort zone to a certain extent. There is a fairly easy way for you to be able to do this.

It is a long-standing tradition for letting listeners to send greeting cards to the bride and groom. There are several different ways that you can find these cards, most of them being fairly common. For example, most people tend to pick up these wedding cards whenever they just happen to be at the greeting card store or even whenever they are at the grocery or drugstore.

Invariably, there is going to be a duplicate wedding card that is given to the bride and groom during their wedding. This is because most people just tend to shop for wedding cards in their local area and do not step outside of their comfort zone.

Regardless of whether you pick up the wedding card in your local area or if you have a custom one made on the Internet, you should pay special attention to what it says on the inside. Wedding cards are something that many brides and grooms tend to look at throughout their marriage from time to time. Giving them something that will put a smile on their face every time they read it is always a good idea.


Design Your Wedding Response Cards

It is very important to get an accurate head count of your guests When you are planning a wedding. Getting people to respond, however, can be challenging at times. These are some suggestions on how to design your wedding response cards to be both beautiful and effective.
The first thing that needs to be decided is whether or not to include response cards. Traditional wedding etiquette says that the proper way for your guests to let you know whether or not they will attend your wedding is with a handwritten note. In the lower left hand corner of the wedding invitations, print either R.s.v.p. or The favour of a reply is requested. This should be enough to inform your guests that you need to hear back from them, and believe it or not, it does actually work.
You then need to carefully design the wording and the style if you have come to the decision to use response cards. There are a couple of main options in terms of the design of the cards. Since they will be mailed as an enclosure in the wedding invitations, the response cards should coordinate with the invitations both in style and degree of formality. The most common choice for the cards is to have them made in the same paper and printing as the invitations. The response cards are quite a bit smaller than the invites and usually come with a little mailing envelope, complete with the host's address and proper postage. Sometimes couples will try to save money on the response cards by using a postcard instead of a card and envelope, which will reduce the cost of the stamps.
A more effective form of response card is to personalize each one with the name of the guests invited. It would look something like this: Mr. Jack will/will not attend. Mrs. Jack will/will not attend. The favor of a reply is requested by June 19th. Certainly this is more labor intensive than the standard response card format, but it also leaves no room for error. Having individual cards printed by a stationer would be prohibitively expensive, so it is best to do this you or enlist the aid of a bridesmaid.
You can hire a calligrapher or ask a bridesmaid with excellent handwriting to personalize each response card with the names of the guests. Either print the cards on your home printer using a card stock that matches your invitations, or have the stationer create the cards, except for the names. You would not pay a friend for this job like you would a professional calligrapher, but if one of your attendants puts in long hours on this project; you should thank her with a special present, beyond the bridesmaid gifts that you are giving to your entire group of attendants.

Business Cards for Wedding

A business card is the first marketing tool to represent the quality of your services. A business card design can greatly contribute to a customer's first impression of a service oriented company. It's best to have a design that really puts one's best foot forward, so to speak. This is particularly important for those companies that provide artistic products and creative services. The business card can serve as a badge or trademark of the quality of their designs or services.
Business cards for wedding photographers can be easy and convenient to view a wedding photographer's work online but this might not always be the case. As with any business transaction, a professional photographer has to meet with a client face to face. A wedding photographer can print business cards not only to provide clients with contact information but also to establish a trademark or style.
Tips to create effective business cards for wedding photographers:
• Choose colors pleasing to the eye - Business cards can be printed using pleasing colors or colors usually chosen for weddings. These include colors like lavender, tiffany blue, sea green, peach, pink, cream or white. Avoid using solid gold or silver prints. These can be more suitable as accents instead.
• Choose distinctive graphics and images - Instead of using the usual, literal imagery of birds, bells, floral bouquets, or rings; wedding photographers can choose to print understated and elegant designs using borders. Photographers can also choose to include a customized design that best symbolizes how he or she sees his work or how much the value of wedding photography is.
• Choose to print helpful and promotional information - Apart from contact information, studio address or website, wedding photographers can also include past weddings done, past wedding venues shot, a summary list of services, business hours, affiliations, awards and certifications.

Explore Your Wedding with Wedding Cards

Weddings are occasions that signify a turning point in two peoples' lives. There are a myriad of different gifts that you can purchase for newlywed couples, but gift cards are some of the most popular and practical gifts that you can buy for newlyweds. These cards will be well appreciated by any couple who has just gotten married. At one time, these cards were considered to be too impersonal, but now they are widely accepted as the perfect gift. Gift cards will allow a couple to choose from a variety of different products or services to best fit what they personally need. They can be from a variety of different places. In fact, almost every major chain of stores and restaurants has these cards that you can purchase. You can also purchase them from airlines and hotels if you would like to treat a newlywed couple to a traveling adventure.
Hotel, resort, airline or any other gift card designed to aid in traveling is a gift that you will be remembered forever for. Cards of this nature will allow a couple to take a vacation together that will be special to them forever. In fact, a hotel or airline gift certificate can be valid for quite some time or have no expiration date at all. This allows a couple to take a vacation at any point they would like to. Therefore, they will not only have their honeymoon vacation to remember, but they will have the means to travel to another exciting place together whenever they deem the perfect time. Of course, hotel gift cards go perfectly with airline gift certificates. Hotel cards will cover some of their lodging expenses when they arrive at their vacation destination. Certain airlines and hotels may even offer discounts on their cards that you purchase, so this will be easier on your pocket as well.
As for mentioned, gift cards to certain retail stores or restaurants are also a great wedding gift idea. Restaurant cards are great because you can give a newlywed couple a chance to sit down to a nice, romantic meal that they are sure to cherish. Of course, these cards are also a great idea because people love to eat, especially at nice restaurants. Retail store cards are a wonderful idea because the newlyweds will be able to go to these retail stores and pick from a myriad of items that they may want or need. Check that retail store out to see if they carry gift cards if you know where the couple likes to shop the most.

Wedding Table Decorations

Wedding table decorations are an important part of your wedding’s decor. Your table decorations will need to be based on the seasonal availability of decorative items, the theme of your wedding, the color scheme of your wedding, and the personalities of the bride and the groom to make sure that your wedding table decorations reflect the theme and style of your wedding at each table.
You will want to pay close attention to the decorations that you put on each table when you are designing Hawaiian wedding decorations. To create an authentic luau decor then you will need to include tropical flowers, centerpieces made from authentic Hawaiian components like ferns, palm fronds, and tropical flowers, and you will want to make sure that your color palette reflects the traditional colors found in Hawaii and its cultural items. These colors include red, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and green.
your wedding table decorations will need to reflect the characteristics of the fall season if you are planning a fall wedding. Fall wedding decorations should include fabrics in harvest shades like gold, orange, and burnt ember, as well as fall themed centerpieces. The themes used in your centerpieces should reflect the style of your wedding. If your wedding is formal then your fall centerpieces can have a gold theme, and if your wedding is more informal then you can opt to use scarecrow, Halloween, or Thanksgiving themes. Some of the flowers that will be available to use in your wedding table decorations during a fall wedding include: Gladiolas, Asters, Heleniums, Yellow Wax bells, and Goldenrods, as well as many types of tropical flowers and orchids.

Enhance Your Wedding Decor

It is important to pay special attention to detail when you plan your wedding decors. Wedding decors can make or break the overall appeal of your wedding. It should be a reflection of who you and your husband are. The colors of your decor should complement each other, just as it should with your backdrop.
There are certain aspects of the wedding that decors can help enhance:
1. Flowers. All white flower arrangements can give an elegant mood. There are several textures, arrangements, and shades of white that you can choose from.Mixing white with light shades of green or blue also add a refreshing touch.
A lot of rich colors would also be a nice treat for the eyes. You can pair similar colors but make sure that the shades are contrasting, such as light pink to fuchsia, lavender and deep purple, sky blue and royal blue.
2. Table Centerpieces. Centerpieces can make your reception seem grander with large, elaborate designs or tone it down. Simple centerpiece ideas can include a single glass vase with one or more flowers, several but small candles, an elaborate candle holder with a few flowers, and little glass sculptures.
More elaborate centerpieces can be large bouquets or vases of flowers, sophisticated glass candle holders, or even edible centerpieces. Edible centerpieces can range from bowls of fruit, chocolate, candies, and even fondue.
3. Tableware. Table decoration, aside from the centerpiece, is a crucial part of decorating because that is where the guests will be spending most of their time during the reception. Table cloths should be simple and clean; an intricate lace pattern over a sheer white cloth can add some intimacy.
You can do away with plain and simple fabrics as table covers if table settings are already quite elaborate. On the other hand if your glassware, crystal, and china are very simple and plain. You can use a more dramatic or colorful cover, or add a nice background with prints.
4. Ribbons. Ribbons can add understated detail and color wherever you decide to put them. You can put lace or silk ribbons to hold the bouquets together, ribbons in solid colors to tie flowers to the chair, around the centerpiece or around candles.
5. Candles. If you are having an outdoor nighttime wedding, candles can surely add a touch of romance. You can pick various designs and sizes of candles, depending on where you place them. Some ideas can be on the table, by the buffet table if you have one, or in the desert table.

Wedding Table Decor Ideas

- Candles. Buy a bunch of simple candles in bulk and then place them on all the tables at the wedding reception. Scented candles are great, but they aren't 100% necessary.
- Floating Candles. It might be a tad more expensive than just plain colored candles, but the amazing factor more than makes up for that. The candles will be floating on water, which will be contained in simple, yet elegantly designed bowls.
- Table Cloths. Cheap wedding table decor doesn't get easier than this. Rather than plain white table cloths, use colored table cloths to match the theme of the wedding.
- Napkins. Instead of ordinary white napkins, take the same approach as the table cloths and use colored ones. A great wedding decoration idea would be to use opposite colors and alternate with each table; I.E the first one has a black table cloth with pink napkins, while the second has a pink table cloth with black napkins
- Picture & Candle Centerpiece. Get a hold of 3 pictures (will need many duplicates) of the bride & groom (use inexpensive frames) and put them in a triangle formation, facing outward, at the center of each table. Within the center of the picture triangle will be the theme colored candle. This is a very cheap, yet tasteful solution for table centerpieces.

Sure To Plan Some Festive Wedding Chair Decor

There are many ways to dress up the ceremony chairs if you are having an outdoor wedding. Simple white wooden chairs can be given a personality with pretty seat covers in your wedding colors. This is also the perfect chance to showcase your wedding theme. At a beach wedding, starfish can be hung on each aisle chair. For a garden wedding, nothing is more beautiful than floral pomanders adorning the aisle chairs. If you prefer a more casual floral decoration, you can't go wrong with tiny painted tin pails hung on the aisle chairs. Fill each pail with a small bouquet of your favorite flowers.
Your reception chairs can be decorated in any number of ways. Let your ornament work with the chair if you will be using pretty chairs, such as the classic gold chivalry style. For a very formal wedding, gold organza or dupioni half- slipcovers look beautiful over the top half of the chair. Another great look for chivalry chairs is to tie a wide ribbon into a bow at the back of each one. The most ornate version of this decoration would be a velvet or satin ribbon festooned with fabulous crystal tassels dripping down the back of each chair like stunning bridal jewelry sets for your seating. You can always do the bows on every chair and reserve the crystal accent for the bride and groom's seats if this sounds too expensive.
The newlyweds will often want to have extra-special adornments for their chairs. The options are nearly limitless. If you are having a destination wedding in Hawaii, add leis to the backs of your chairs. For an outdoor wedding, a small floral wreath or swag looks beautiful. Another fabulous idea is to hang the bride and groom's initials on the backs of their chairs with pretty ribbons. The letters can be created from wood, greenery, flowers, or even large glass balls. This is a fun way to make your dinner seats stand out from the crowd.

Ideas to Make Wedding Reception Decor Planning A Breeze

1. Outdoor weddings. It's much better to keep the decor up to the minimum since nature is already a decor itself if you are having an outdoor wedding. An open air reception already gives a good backdrop and necessary ambiance. Supplement the nature with light complementing colors as a backdrop just to have a focal point. If it is a wedding reception by the beach or lake, use light, free flowing material for the table clothes, napkins, or any drapes. White and ivory provide a good contrast. You can put up pillars to hold up a tent, and decorate it with leaves and sheer cloth for a grand walkway, depending on your location.
Clear candle holders are a great way to add some lighting and romance when night falls, otherwise take advantage of the natural light that outdoor receptions provide. Use soft and pale colors for the candles, like white, blush pink, or pale yellow.
Flowers are a must in a garden wedding. Flowers, in various kinds and textures, add color and life to a wedding. You can use white and ivory flowers such as lilies and roses if you want to tone down the mood. Variety of colorful flowers can be used for more casual receptions. Great color combinations for flowers to consider, depending on your theme, are yellow and pink, green and white, purple and white, red and white, deep purple and lavender, and blush pink with yellow.
Torches are a great idea for garden and beach weddings for lighting. Placing them around the perimeter of the reception will be the most ideal way to use them. Hanging lights are also great for lighting up a tent, you can choose from a variety of designs to suit your style.
2. Indoor weddings. You can amplify the style, color, glamour and drama in your reception for indoor weddings. You can get one or more disco balls to hang from the ceiling to add a more celebratory vibe if you are going to hire a disc jockey, depending on the type of music you will be playing.
Spreading delicate rose petals on tables are a lovely touch, and the centerpieces can vary from elaborate to simple. Some ideas for simple centerpieces would be a simple glass vase with just one or two flowers in it, the delicate beauty of white flower buds are great too.
For daytime indoor weddings, liven up your table with wildflowers, daisies, roses or carnations as a centerpiece. You can take advantage by adding color through the centerpiece if your wedding theme is very simple.
Lace or ribbons can also be added as accent to indoor wedding decor. Use a sheer lace as tablecloth, or around candles, torches, or other forms of lighting you might use. You can use two ribbons of contrasting colors to add drama and elegance. Some combinations are: black and white, black and gold, deep purple and magenta, deep red and rust, white and silver, gold and purple. You can also use ribbons to tie flowers on the back of chairs.

Wedding Party Decorations to Lighten the Mood

1. Good Lighting. Poor lighting can really put a damper on the evening. If the lights are too bright, every possible flaw and short coming of the place will be outlined clearly. People won't be able to see the beautiful decorations nor get a good sense of the "atmosphere" of the room if the lights are too dim.
2. Ribbons. Themes colored ribbons are simple, cheap, and they can be used with pretty much anything. Tie them to tables, lighting fixtures, candles, vases, door knobs, chairs, and even to the wrists of your guests.
3. Balloons. This is one of those wedding party decorations guaranteed to lighten the mood and create that "festive" feeling. Place balloons, colored to match your wedding -- in bunch all around the party hall.
4. Photographs. Gather "fun" photos of you and your husband (or wife) and decorate the wedding hall with them. These pictures will show your guests how much fun the two of you have had, not to mention why you're such a great match.

Orange Make Flair for Wedding

Take a look at orange if you are looking for a color that can add flair to your wedding. Orange can be a really terrific wedding color. This is a look at some ways to use orange wedding decorations for every season.
A pop of bright orange would look fantastic when paired with a pale blue. The look is fresh, current, and distinctive. A great way to combine the two colors is with a signature pattern that is used throughout the wedding. An orange, pale blue, and white stripe would look wonderful for table linens. Or you could go more formal with a large brocade motif designed in your wedding colors.
Orange is a great color for summer, as it is cheery and fun. Bright orange gerbera daisies would make for centerpieces as carefree as a summer afternoon. Real oranges can be used as decorative accents. Fill the vase for the centerpieces with bright oranges for a fun and interesting design. If you are working with oranges, think about including their white flowers into your bouquet. Orange blossoms represent fertility, and are one of the most traditional wedding flowers.
Orange can be a fun and fresh color for summer bridesmaid dresses as well. Crisp cotton strapless dresses in a cream and orange print will look as summery as a creamsicle. Finish off the look with bridesmaid jewelry gifts created from orange Swarovski crystals and cream pearls. The biggest trend in bridesmaid jewelry right now is clustered gems, which make fabulous gifts that your friends will surely adore.
Think of the crisp fall leaves, the fall pumpkins, pots of orange mums and more. Orange in combination with shades of autumnal gold and russet will create a homey and inviting atmosphere for your guests. It can be used in a rustic style, or a burnt orange can be paired with deep espresso and metallic bronze accents for a rich and sophisticated effect.
Orange and terra cotta roses with Hypercom berries is a beautiful way to use this color family. Other ideas for orange winter weddings include mini mango calla lilies, orange orchids, and orange tulips. These flowers will brighten a drab winter's day and add style and sophistication to your wedding.
Orange is bold and unexpected, which adds to its appeal when you are creating a unique and personal wedding design. Once you start looking at all of the ways in which orange can be used to make a wedding feel fun and festive, you might just decide that it is the perfect color for your own wedding.

Ideas for Wedding Décor

The wedding is incomplete without wedding decors. The decors used in weddings bring out a better and more appropriate ambiance. It brings the couple and the guests in the perfect mood for romance and celebration.
There are many decors that can be used in a wedding. Some can be used for one time only (flowers, candles and ice sculptures) and the others can be used for other occasions aside from wedding (carpet, table covers and chair covers). Here are some ideas for wedding décor:
Seasonal decors
The seasonal decors used in weddings make memorable decorations. Spring decorations would make great colors as it in this season that flowers bloom at their best. Autumn decors will most likely comprise of earth colors such as orange, red and brown. Dried leaves and branches are choices for decorations during this season. Expect everything to be white and icy when getting decorations for winter. Summer decors may consist of anything that is warm and sunny. The great thing about seasonal decors for a wedding is that it will not cost much and it is easy to find.
Colored Decors
Most weddings come with a color theme. Two to three colors that are complimentary are usually mixed with white items. These are usually done to make the look of the wedding appear more lively compared to the dull all-white theme. The decors used in color-themed weddings come in same colors. For example, the flowers, the fabric, the candles and other decors come in a single color. It may come in different shades.
Day and Night Decors
There are decors that are used in a wedding that only look good on daytime or only on nighttime. Daytime compatible decors are those that can look good without use of man-made lighting. It can make a venue a lot more appealing even on natural light. Nighttime decors need lighting set up with it to be visually appreciated.
Choose your beautiful décor. It will be nice memorize for you!

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Top Tips Wedding Cake

The wedding cakes we see today are very different than in the past. Designs have evolved to suit the taste of today’s couples. More and more couples are choosing cupcake towers for the wedding. This is one of the newest and original wedding cake ideas ever.

Another wedding cake style that is gaining in popularity is the miniature cake. Traditional round wedding cakes may soon fade out since all sorts of other shapes are becoming very popular. Square, oval, heart, octagon and other shapes are gaining in popularity. However some couples still prefer traditional round cakes and flavors like cheesecake for the wedding cakes.

Whatever shape or flavor you choose, your wedding cake, to your friends and family will always symbolize love, the sweetness of life, prosperity and fertility.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding your wedding cake design. How much can you spend on the cake? Will the cake be the only dessert? How big of a cake will you need? Not every guest will want cake if you offer other desserts or a meal.

Will a particular cake fit your reception decorating scheme and menu? Today’s cake designers offer an almost endless variety of cake styles, decorating, choice of construction, flavors, icing and decorations.

History of the Wedding Cake

Queen Victoria is also credited with popularizing white in a wedding to symbolize purity. White icing on wedding cakes became traditional during this time. Even before this specific symbolism, cakes were white simply because ingredients for the cakes were hard to come by, especially the sugar used in the icing. The whiter the sugar, the more refined, and therefore the more affluent the family appeared. So, the white wedding cake was originally a symbol of affluence rather than purity.

As the architecture of the cake evolved, the columns that traditionally decorated a royal cake became support columns for the upper tiers which could then be made of actual cake. Thus was born the tiered wedding cake. Often the columns were disguised broom handles serving as the true support for the weighty confections. The frosting of a cake has several possible origins. One possibility is that in the seventeenth century, a French pastry chef frosted the cake tower with sugar to ensure the buns kept their form. Another possibility is that because a lack of refrigeration would spoil the cake, a dense layer of sugar and fat would help preserve it as well as feed all the people attending the wedding.
As the tiered cake evolved, so did the symbolism behind it. Starting in the 17th century, it was thought that sleeping with a piece of cake under one’s pillow would help them dream of their future spouses. This idea led to the tradition of brides passing crumbs of their cake through their rings and distributing them to guests who could place the crumb under their pillow. This tradition tapered off after the superstition of never removing one’s wedding ring after the ceremony appeared.

Make Wedding Cake Self

After the Roman conquest of the British Isles, Roman customs influenced the natives who baked dry cakes for their weddings and drank their ale with them. In old England and Ireland, there also was, and still is, the custom of a groom's cake, dark in color and made of dried fruit.

When the English sent their pioneers into the new world, they also sent their customs with them. First European settlers in the Americas made fruitcakes for their weddings because their preservation was easier.

The fancy wedding cake with several tiers was created through the initiative of the French, and although scorned by the English at first, it was later adopted and became the norm through all Europe. The wedding cake, owing to its long history, became an individual affair for a modern wedding party, with different shapes and styles and with a rich variety of flavors, fillings, and icings.

A wedding cake, after the vows, has become a vital part of wedding ceremony in our day. It is assumed that a wedding cake reflects the style, elegance, and delicacy of the couple's upbringing, in addition to their enthusiasm for their marriage.

Not only the ingredients and the making of the cake, but the ceremony of its cutting has become another reception by itself. Traditionally, the bride and the groom cut the cake together, with groom placing his right hand over the bride's right hand to cut the first slice. Then, they feed each other that first slice while everyone applauds. Sometimes, the top tier is saved for the first anniversary or the birth of the couple's first child, whichever comes first.

In some new world weddings nowadays, smearing each other with the icing has been taking hold as a custom, adding hilarity to the reception. My favorite wedding cake anecdote is a real one that may have seemed like a disaster at the time; however in hindsight, it has become an amusing joke. Yet, since the marriage has lasted, the incident might have been a good omen.

Several years ago, we attended a large wedding reception. Over the several steep stairs to the main reception hall, the wedding cake had to be carried rather than wheeled. I don't know why nobody thought of a ramp but two waiters, one on each side, took the cake up the steps.

Suddenly, a waiter tripped and the cake fell on the floor, but with luck or heavenly intervention, the top two tiers stayed intact. A pandemonium broke out with the bride's mother fainting and maintenance people scurrying about. Since the reception hall was part of a big hotel, the management came up with their version of a wedding cake. Several small cakes were arranged as the bottom layer with the two top layers of the original cake placed over them.

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Wedding Dress A047

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First of Wedding Cake

After the wedding dress and bride's bouquet, maybe nothing is so powerful a wedding symbol as the wedding cake. It's so ubiquitous, many people just assume the wedding cake has always been a part of wedding celebrations everywhere.

Like all popular beliefs, there's some truth to that idea, though of course the real facts are much more fascinating and a whole lot more colorful.

The Wedding Cake's Early Days
During the heady days of the Roman Empire, wedding guests were served not one cake but a sumptuous collection of many small treats and pastries as a kind of wedding party favor. In some parts of the empire, one single cake was dropped over the bride's head at the reception, as a way of wishing the couple good luck in the future.

Later, during the Middle Ages, many guests would bring small cakes to the wedding celebration. The cakes were all piled atop a single table, creating the beginning of the tiered wedding cake known today. As a tradition, a bride and groom that could still kiss over the pile of cakes were considered to have good luck in the upcoming marriage.

Modern Times
Wedding cakes began to change and grow in the 19th Century, when new means of refrigeration could keep their ingredients fresh for much longer periods.

The modern wedding cake is a kind of homage to St. Bride's Church, a famous English Medieval Chapel. The church's spire includes several spires, much like a tiered cake.

Many modern couples have adopted the wedding cake design to display their own interests or passions. For example, a couple fascinated by the Renaissance may choose to decorate their cake with decorations specific to that time period. The bride and groom figures atop the cake may also reflect their hobbies and pastimes.

Because modern wedding cakes have become so elaborate, their preparation time has steadily grown. Wedding planners are encouraged to make arrangements with a pastry chef up to three months in advance of the wedding reception.

Wedding Cake Traditions
Some popular wedding cake traditions taken from around the world include:
- a bride who cuts her own cake will have to work hard all her life.
- if the groom lays his hands over the bride's hands as the cake is cut, they will share their possessions their whole life.
- the bride cuts the first piece of cake as a way of hoping for children.

Lovely Wedding Dress

Lovely Wedding Dress

For Best Fit This Dress is Custom Made to Your Exact Measurements. You may choose zipper or lace up, beading or embroider (if it applies), dress can be made with a train or with out a train. Please allow at least 20 days for delivery. Dresses may be made in various colors. Please measure: Full Bust, Waist, Hip, and Back Length Shoulder to Waist, Shoulder to Shoulder, Length of Shoulder to Bust, upper Bust, Nipple to Nipple, and Neck if it applies.

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