Wedding Dresses - Something Borrowed Or Something Blue

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" - what could be her wedding dress! Wedding dresses, all four, and of course it can be blue.

Reduce the cost of wedding dress

With the current economy, women hold their purses. Of course, they want fantasy wedding dresses, but who says they do not rent or borrow? Rent or borrow a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress of the bride more flexibility to the money saved for other purposes or maybe for the honeymoon to the tradition of some stick use something old or something borrowed.

Rented or borrowed a dress can change or supplements, is if the owner approves your proposed amendment to the hem, or add some decorative details of the dress. Bridal shops charge a minimum fee for alterations and cleaning. The least we can dress for a rented or borrowed below $ 50, depending on the extent and nature of changes in marriage or add decorations to go.

If you are not the kind of sentimental and your budget is limited to rent, or rent your wedding dress. potential donors for her wedding dress is married to your sister's twin sister, aunt, cousin, or your best friend - if you want a wedding dress in fashion. You can borrow your mother's wedding dress when you go vintage do. There is no need to keep a lot of loan or hire beautiful wedding dress concerns, although services for the maintenance of the wedding dresses for ages.
Taffeta Straight Strapless Neckline with Asymmetrical Pick up Ball Gown Hot Sell Wedding Dress WD-0030

Go Blue

Wedding dresses are traditionally white, but there is no law limiting the choice of your wedding dress color. They wear blue - or a monochrome blue dress. The blue symbolizes faith, loyalty, power and protection. It is said that people who favor the light blue as analytical and practical, while those dark blue are independent, responsible and intelligent. You are everything, if you love the blues, light and darkness.

Blue is perfect for a summer wedding. Right now the sky is azure blue sea of ​​blue crystal. Your wedding dress blue reflects the carefree summer days intoxicating. So why not blue? High level, taffeta, satin and other luxurious fabrics in different shades of blue, so there is no end wedding dresses ideas for the bride who wants a wedding dress in blue.

The blue color can brighten your table decoration wedding cake and flowers. Light blue is all a dark blue color is dramatic. Use color for an effect in combination with white and other colors that go well with blue, a color also symbolizes love, loyalty and humility.
Tulle Strapless Ball Gown Skirt with Sweep Train Lace up Summer Wedding Dress WD-0291

Something Borrowed

What do women take to their marriage? Clothing or accessories, garter, or a wedding - It could be anything. This tradition dates back to Victorian England. Brides borrowed some happily married couples to bring good luck to their marriage. Debt is very personal. They borrow from people you can count on over the years, which borrowed the idea of ​​something.
So here's the beautiful bride with something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue!

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