Wedding Makeup Ideas

And get busy planning a wedding is one of the most exciting things you will do in your life. As if this were not enough, when you approach your wedding day, you need to concentrate on your beauty, hair and makeup. As you can see on your wedding day is the most important thing that people will remember. Photos and videos documenting your honor and pride when walking in the past. Plan your hair and makeup look ahead of time and you are simply radiant. Get plenty of beauty sleep does not disclose not only how you look on your wedding day, but how you feel. This means not only the night before you get married - that is, the whole week. When planning the rest and get your beauty rest beauty are two different things, make it a priority to sleep through the night, every night. Maintain all nap on a smaller lot so they do not sleep with your ability to not interfere in the night.

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Your mind may be racing, so keep a notepad on the bedside table so you can write down ideas and tasks, so it will not keep you aware of night. Know you will not forget the little things that give you a part of the mind. Eat healthy and choose your food carefully in the days before your wedding. This is not the time for a crash diet. Only levelheaded and you will not sacrifice your health for a few more books. Avoid all foods, for reasons known bloating and gas.

Wedding Makeup Tips

You will desire to look beautiful to determine whether your wedding is planned for one day or the night here. If you find your wedding in the daytime hours, your makeup should look natural. When night falls and the party starts, edit your makeup with darker shades if you want. Make-up is often overlooked when thinking of preparing for your wedding, the people always remember her hair, but do not understand that to look good in your wedding photos, you really need make-up quality in photography ... You may not be immortalized with the naked eye from the camera to deny, perhaps, terminate the beauty of the blushing bride. On the morning of the wedding, make sure your skin is hydrated light for about ten minutes before your make-up. I recommend the eternity that you have the hair in advance o make-up.


Follow my instructions in "Makeup" (article) and remember that for the photos, you need to take additional precautions when using light-reflective concealer and foundation. Many women in the labor market Elcat YSL Touche, the misconception that it is a concealer, if it really the job "illuminate" in the dark areas ... Do not do it! You can look good with the naked eye, but also appear white photos, and you could see how swollen eyebags have. Consider having your makeup from a professional. Race schedule control applied. Exfoliate your skin and followed with a toner. Your foundation should blend into your skin tone. Mix it in the neck lines to avoid embarrassment.

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